The Brand You Company can work with individuals or groups using weekly or monthly sessions to help motivate and lead them to realise their full potential.

One to one focused coaching for individuals who are stepping into a high profile role, or wanting to build their brand effectively ready for their next role or just shine in their current role.

Your personal brand coach will work with you to develop your own brand from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future.

Your coaching session takes place in your business premises or at a carefully selected venue across the UK.


The Brand You Company provides tailored, one-day workshops for your company. focusing on individuals’ personal brands. These workshops are interactive with activities built allowing the tools to be put into practice during the sessions.

These high impact thought provoking workshops are aimed at business professionals who want to develop, change, enhance and/or understand their personal brand and reputation, ensuring they shine through a tough and competitive business environment.

Those who attend can expect to benefit in heightened self-awareness, motivation, performance and engagement at work while companies can gain an improvement in employee engagement; a strengthened corporate brand; and a retention and attraction of talented employees.


The Brand You Company excels at engaging and inspirational presentations on personal brand – a topic we’ve been passionate about for over 20 years. We’d love to share our knowledge of this thought-provoking subject at your next conference.

Our seminars include a high level introduction to how you should think about your personal brand with an interactive discussion during a one or two hour seminar.

All services

For all of our services, our approach focuses on three levels of personal brand including its importance, its definition and how to change it. We use several effective tools and techniques to help you develop your brand, including thought-provoking discussions, an appreciation of the PIE (Performance, Image and Exposure) methodology and creating your own elevator speech.

Whether you attend a seminar, participate in a workshop or have a personal coaching session, our services will help you increase your awareness and understanding of how to develop and enhance your own brand. You will establish your own personal brand statement which will help make your first impression a positive one.

Additionally, our coaching services focus on helping individuals build confidence and gain clarity of the direction they want to take their career in and/or ensuring they have an impactful personal brand.

‘Understanding how your brand is perceived will help you focus on what needs changing’


The Brand You Company can adapt the level of content to fit your budget. Please get in touch to find out how we can build a better you.

‘The Brand You Company designed the most effective and measurable solution to fit our desired outcome’